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French Roulette game for entertainment

Those players who have a great desire to get to know the French Roulette game better need to know that it is one of several main variations of this entertainment, which has 37 colored pockets with numbers from 0 to 36.

The sections here have a red tone, the main language in The table is French, and the rules do not differ significantly from those generally accepted in this game. The purpose of entertainment is to correctly guess the number, group of numbers, or (red-black, even-odd), where the ball that is launched by the croupier on the untwisted wheel stops its movement.

Many experienced experts are inclined to believe that this version of the game is its original ancestor, since in their opinion France is the real homeland of entertainment. The process begins with the announcement by the croupier of the beginning of the round, the players making bets on a special field and the subsequent launch of the ball.

After stopping its movement in one of the cells, the winning number is determined. The croupier removes all the losers chips and pays the winners. In order to hone their skills, entertainment lovers should try their hand at the French Roulette free game, which will help to better understand the rules and choose the appropriate Roulette strategy.

Features French Roulette game

It is worth noting that all types of Roulettes have long been considered a game of aristocrats, and the considered version of the game is always played slowly, all bets are refined and nicely laid out on the playing field even before the ball is launched. In addition, there are special casino bonuses and other distinctive features. Here is some of them:

  1. In the French Roulette game arrangement of the numbers has a special order.
  2. If the game is original, then all inscriptions must be in French, and bets are allowed only before the ball is launched.
  3. The game is served immediately by three, and sometimes four croupiers. The stickman works with bets using a special stick, two more croupiers control the game and give instructions to the stickman regarding bets and payments.
  4. Two rules apply here: En Prison and La Partage, which give a significant advantage over other versions of the game.

Entertainment is also valued because the casino receives only 1.35% of the bets, while in European and American roulettes this percentage is much higher.

Providers French Roulette game

It is known that every casino that offers Roulette is highly dependent on the software company for the game. The following providers are working on creating quality slots:

  • Microgaming company, has been working on the creation of software for the French Roulette game since 1994 and enjoys great trust and reputation with operators and users;
  • New and promising provider Ezugi offers American players games with live dealers;
  • The popular developer NetEnt also practices on real-time games, so their client base has long been quite extensive.
  • Companies such as Extreme Live Gaming, Evolution Gaming Group, Authentic Gaming and Playtech, the largest provider in this area, are working hard to create attractive French roulette slot machines.

    The best free slot machines 2019-2020

    Currently, a huge number of popular slot machines with French Roulette are offered on the Internet sites. Players should pay attention to such slots as French Roulette Premium from Playtech, French Roulette Microgaming and other well-known developers. These are free slots that enable players to gain the necessary skills and learn how to apply the right strategies.

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