French roulette online, its features and the best slots

French roulette online overview

There are lots of online resources that offer playing French roulette for real money as well as play French roulette online free. The game is very interesting and challenging but has some substantial differences compare to other roulette types. Roulette originally came from France and the rules that are used in French roulette are very similar to the original ones. The rules of French allow to make announced bets, table layout is slightly different and the edge to the house is reduced even further compare to ordinary roulette type.

Because the chances of winning in French roulette are higher and the rules stay roughly the same, online roulette with French rules is a very popular game for every gambler. However, it is very important to remember the features and the rules of the game, particularly it is concerned with announced bets. This is all due to the fact that when French roulette online is played live, these rules have to be known to perfection.

Feature of French roulette

Online French roulette free practice is ideal thing to get to grips with the features and the rules of the game. Finding places where the game can be played without making deposit on the account is very easy because it can be found via use of social network and gambling for real money is forbidden in certain areas and jurisdictions. It will allow to know the rules better, here is what it features:

  • House edge is reduced to as little as 1.35 percent
  • Table layout is different
  • Chances field on the table are marked only from one side
  • Sequence number on the wheel and on the table is different
  • Row numbers 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 are located in the right bottom box of the table
  • “La partage” rule applies on Chances when 0 appears as player receives 50% of the bet back
  • “En Prison” rule also applies also known as announced neighbor bets.

For example, by betting on 25, then numbers 2 and 17, which a located next to it on the wheel but not on the table can be called and bet will be placed. It is very important to bear in mind that when making announced bets in French roulette online, number sequence on the table and the wheel are different. Therefore, neighbouring bets are counted only on the wheel.

The best slots for French roulette

Due to the fact that there could be low limit French roulette online, USA players may prefer to find online gambling resources with better conditions. Finding such resources is not complex by any means as there are lots of casinos, which can offer outstanding terms for both: playing for real money and playing for free. After having some practice in French roulette online any individual may become roulette pro quite easily. Here are some online gambling resources that are regarded as the best to offer French roulette in terms of payouts and general conditions:

  • Las Vegas USA casino
  • BoVegas casino
  • Old Havana casino
  • Club World casino
  • Irish luck casino
  • All stars slots
  • 888 casino
  • Café casino

French roulette online free play in the above mentioned resources will allow to learn the rules better and implement them well during the gameplay for real money. All of them have very high rating and offer plenty of bonuses when players join in. The software that is used stands second to none and will make every player very happy and cheerful.

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